Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is

A. Take a look at

Q. What do I need in order to use Puppy of the Game?

A. You just need a smartphone for Android version API 2.3.3 or higher.

Q, Why augmented reality and not a tablet?

  1. Turn on real world objects
  2. You can give the characteristics of a child
  3. It teaches skills to recognize things
  4. Analysis of the data allows for recognizing the individual characteristics of the child, so we can adjust the color tone of the thing and investigate how the child reacts, after finishing the analysis we give the child the ability to match the appropriate game and properties on the basis of the collected data. We detect these traits in a child and then modify improving his cognitive abilities.
Q. Why is this prototype game engine?
A. It is the first advanced prototype game engine used to diagnose early signs of autism in children
and therapies to treat the disorder with the use of augmented reality and built-in sensors such as
accelerometer, camera, gyroscope and 3D spatial scanning, combining objects and people from the
real world the virtual world. On the basis of this engine we want to build even better games, more
complete analysis and research on autism.
Q. What can serve the data collected?
A. The data can be used to develop new treatments for the disease in children with autism.
Q. I am a doctor, therapist how you can help?
A. Just write to us at email and write a few words about yourself.
Q. Are the reports are free?
A. Currently, reporting program is free, but in the future there may be minor payments for the use or
expanded statistics.
Q. Who is a dedicated product?
A. For therapists and doctors who in their work can offer even more professional treatment thanks to
the latest technology used. For parents, for whom the most important matters welfare of the child
and its proper development and skills. For children, that through playing they can enjoy the joy and
the same treatment was fun.
Q. I have sugestions or questions ?

A. Contact us here ^_^.

Q. It's this game only for kids? Can I play this game?

A. Of course. “Puppy” is the game are timeless and are designed to appeal to anyone aged 2 and up.

Q. What ages is Puppy designed for?

A. Of course. “Puppy” is the games for everyone regardless of age. It is designed to appeal to anyone aged 2 and up.

Q. Why we have created a Puppy Augmented Reality?
A. By knowledge and research on the use of augmented reality and autism, we have created a Puppy Augmented Rality, a tool (engine) that could help children and people in the fight against Asperger’s disease. We Thank You very much for Your support.
Q. Why are not discussed 3D and 2D?
A. Most games use applications and 2D games, we want to focus on spaciousness to fully illustrate an
element or a thing. As a result, the child learns more the world around him.
Q. What is the app game?
A. It analyzes the signals collected from gaming applications, then checks the received data and returns the result of the risk of autism in a child.
Q. Does the application can replace personal physician or therapist?
A. No, the application is help both parents and doctors and therapists, should not be withheld from
the current care.
Q. I'm not a doctor or therapist, but I want to help how can you do?
A. Just to support us on Indiegogo, but also any help is appreciated like liking our Facebook page
or send an email to your friends.
Q. What child needs to do during the test?
A. The task of the child is to play in the game, the rest deals with our application.
Q. Does the application has already been tested?
A. Yes application has already been successfully tested in children 2 to 6 years.

Care and Learning

Q. What information do we get the test results?
A. The results will be informed about the risk of the occurrence of autism spectrum disorders.
will also be presented additional information on selected skills.
Q. What skills are tested?
A. At the moment the focus is recognizing, repeating the behavior, the meaning of objects, precision
and stability, communication, interaction, careful concentration and emotions.
Q. What skills taught game Play Puppy AR?
A. Main features include cognitive recognition of objects from the real world, as well as the precision
and interaction.
Q. What skills taught AR soccer game?
A. Key skills include identifying, precision, stability, interaction, touch and movement.
Q. What are the skills the game teaches the puppy AR?
A. Children love animals, they want to have their favorite puppy, but not everyone can afford it. The
game has the task of looking after, taking care of its development, having fun, but also as a toilet,
food and health, and strengthening social ties and responsibilities from an early age.

The main skill is the interaction, learning about emotions, precision, feel and recognize
things. Concern for the other person.


Q. What does the administration panel?
A. The ability to track the child’s progress, the ability to customize games to a child, widening the
base game, the body of zeros doctor or therapist can use to create activity plans, instant messaging
between physicians the ability to customize games individually for each child.
Q. Do you use the 3D glasses such as the oculus?
A. In our research we focus on the development of augmented reality applications for mobile devices
and tablets, but in parallel we are working on the development of an application that uses the
Samsung gear power by the oculus.
Q. How does the test work?
A. While playing the system collects data about a child’s behavior and draw up a report on his / her
development. They are tested baby’s movements throughout the game, thanks to the touch,
accelerometer, camera and gyro.
Q. How are analyzed data during the test?
A. During the analysis are compared properly developing children with the data of children with
developmental disorders.
Q. How does it work, augmented reality?
A. Extended reality it is a combination of virtual reality with the real world. By using smartphones, tablets or SmartGlass, we can expand the perception of the world around them. The still things we can give movement and actually fit them to life. It allows for automatic object recognition and describe objects.
Q. What elements are needed to play?
A. You need to print markers on our part.
Q. Where do I order?

A. You can download a fully prototype game from the store google play here. Markers are available on our website: download markers.

Q. Can I use their markers?
A. The markers are matched to play to their correct diagnosis, because other markers do not work
with your application.


Q. How many levels are there in the game?

A. The game is a version of the prototype, and has 3 levels of play: puppy – the main level and two levels of demonstration: soccer ball AR and scanning 3D. We want to expand our game engine, with the levels, mainly on logic, education and interaction with the elements of the outside world. You can help us, please visit our website at

Q. What components are needed for the game "Puppy AR"
A. First you need to print a marker, then download and run the application. After starting
application, direct the camera smartphone on a marker to identify.
Q. What components are needed for game "Play" Puppy AR?
A. First you need to download a marker and wrap it around the can, then when you start Puppy Ar
need to select Play. In the first step you need to choose a can of marker, so that after recognizing the real world can become part of the game the virtual world.
Q. Is the game is also available on the iPhone?

A. The game can be played only for now on smartphones with Android system. However soon we plan to make the game for mobile iOS.

Q. What components are needed for "AR Soccer" game?
A. First you need to print a marker, then download and run the application. After starting the
application, direct the camera smartphone on a marker to identify.
Q. What should I do if I don't see character?
A. There may be several reasons:

– Your hand is covering part of the marker, in this case, take your hands away from the marker and
the application puppy should recognize them.

– Marker is too close or too far to the application puppy could see them. If there try to move the
marker to make it visible in the camera smartphone


Q. How much does it cost?

A. The game is absolutely FREE. You do not have to pay anything.

Q. Where do I order?

A. You can download a fully prototype game from the store google play here. Markers are available on our website: download markers.


Q. Do your research are private?
A. Yes audit are totally private, they are not available to others.
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