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Joanna Kmetko

CCO / Media and Branding

Nothing turns out perfectly the first time. She learned from what didn’t work, and then made something amazing, the ideas literally come to life. Loves children and loves to play, are the source of inspiration. Joanna is the light in the family time2zero.

Robert Waligórski

CEO / Engineering

Robert received a master degree and engineering  with honors in physics science from the Poznan University of Technology. Specializing in Human-Computer Interaction, nanotechnology, green energy, neuroscience,  AR, VR, IoT and machine intelligence. He has a never ending passion for exploring new ways of combining to help other people. He also enjoys art, traveling, books, spending time just hanging out with friends. He loves children, especially playing with two young nephews. Amazon IT.

Emily Bella Rodriguez

Emily Bella Rodriguez

Influencer Support

Emily Bella Rodriguez’s journey as a fashion influencer is a testament to her relentless pursuit of creativity and self-expression. Through her captivating posts and engaging storytelling, she has built a strong and authentic online presence, becoming a source of inspiration and style advice for her devoted followers

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